The Husband List by Janet Evanovich (PDF) – Culhane Family #2

The Husband List by Janet Evanovich is a romance novel originally released in 2013. It is the 2nd book the Culhane Family series, preceded by Love in a Nutshell. THe book is co-written by Dorien Kelly.

Caroline Maxwell would like nothing more than to join her brother, Eddie, and his friend, Jack Culhane, on their adventures. While Jack and Eddie are off seeing the world, buying up businesses and building wildly successful careers, Caroline’s stuck at home frightening off the men her mother hopes will ask for her hand in marriage. When her mother sets her sights on the questionable Lord Bremerton as a possible suitor, Caroline struggles with her instincts and the true nature of her heart.

She longs for adventure, passion, love, and most of all…Jack Culhane, an unconventional Irish-American bachelor with new money and no title. A completely unacceptable suitor in the eyes of Caroline’s mother. But Caroline’s dark hair, brilliant eyes and quick wit have Jack understanding just why it is people fall in love and get married.

Cover and Details of The Husband List by Janet Evanovich (PDF)

cover of the husband list by janet evanovich pdf

  • Title: The Husband List (Culhane Family, Book 2)
  • Author: ,
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
  • Date Published: January 3, 2012
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312651317
  • ISBN-13: 9780312651312

Reviews of The Husband List

“The first historical romance by Evanovich and Kelly (Love in a Nutshell) shines with the glitter of New York City in the advanced year of 1894.

American heiress Caroline Maxwell doesn’t want much in life, just independence and passion in a marriage. But that’s too much to ask of high society, especially as her mother is set on marrying her off to a mysterious English duke. Caroline prefers her brother’s close friend Jack Culhane, who’s in no hurry to wed and doesn’t fit her mother’s idea of a husband.

The authors paint a clear picture of the luxurious lives of the ultra-wealthy: cycling in Central Park, scampering around Newport’s Cliff Walk, and taking tea in London’s finest drawing rooms. Whether running away from her governess or from the duke, captivating Caroline maintains her feisty streak, and her straightforward character is fully fleshed out with intelligence and humor. Caroline’s romantic kisses with Jack produce more sexual tension than most bodice-rippers, and an older couple’s rekindled romance adds a sweet touch.” —Publishers Weekly

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The Husband List by Janet Evanovich (PDF) - Culhane Family #2
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The Husband List by Janet Evanovich (PDF) - Culhane Family #2
The Husband List by Janet Evanovich (PDF). The 2nd book in the Culhane Family mystery, romance series. Caroline Maxwell longs for adventures and passion. But what she longs the most is Jack Culhane, a completely unacceptable suitor in her mother eyes.
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