Anarchy in a Cold War by Kurtis Sunday (PDF)

cover of anarchy in a cold war by kurtis sunday pdf

Anarchy in a Cold War by Kurtis Sunday is a fascinating historical fiction novel published in 2012. Set in Berlin of West Germany in the 1980’s, the book presents a story of what happened in the society surrounded by the Wall and Communism. The suspenseful tension of the Cold War and the fading ideology of the country sparked vast resistance movements and endless demonstrations. All of those provided perfect environment for radical countercultures from punk, to anarchists, and squatters.

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Hayti by Kurtis Sunday (PDF)

cover of hayti by kurtis sunday pdf

Originally published in 2017, Hayti by Kurtis Sunday is an elaborate and well-researched historical fiction novel. The book presents fictional journal entries of Florentine nun, Sor Lucrezia di Marchionni, and Dominican monk, ray Hugo de Montenegro, on what happened in Haiti after the discovery of Columbus. It describes how the greed of Spanish colonialism, and the ideology of Catholic Church, has turned Haiti from a sunny paradise into a bleak nightmare.

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