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January had been a rally busy and hectic time for Mahacopia. Since it was the blog very first month—first half month actually, first post is dated January 15—there were simply too many things to tackle. There were the technical aspect related to the format of the blog and the delivery of contents as many (and as good) as possible. Even as early as within that first half month, a copyright-related issue already presented itself. Despite all that, more than 60 books already shared. Now let’s do a little highlight on PDF download of January 2018.

mahacopia pdf download of january 2018

Fiction books took the most portions in PDF download of January 2018, with 50 posts in total. It is understandable though since interest in fiction books is generally bigger than in non-fiction books. Among the various genre already published, most titles are in the more “scary genres” such as mystery, horror, and thriller. Fantasy and historical-fiction are also pretty “well represented” with some books.

Before we look into the highlights, there is an additional note that some of the titles are requested by the blog’s audience. So in case you are in search of the PDF files for certain books, you can request them via the form in the Contact Us page. I will do my best to get the books and provide the PDF download. Now, let’s see the highlights.

Highlights of Fiction Books PDF Download of January 2018

As stated earlier, creepy genres took the most part in fiction book PDF download of January 2018. Dan Brown’s and especially Dean Koontz’s books are probably the most notable releases. In fantasy genre, the fantastic Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones—request from a blog audience—is also worth mentioning.

Robert Langdon Series by Dan Brown PDF Download

covers of robert langdon series by dan brown pdf

Dan Brown’s brilliant (and sometimes controversial) Robert Langdon Series has captivated millions of mystery and conspiracy theory book readers. The bestselling historical-fiction mystery series began in 2000 with the first book Angels and Demons. And this far, there are five novels already published with the latest being Origin, released in 2017.

The series focuses on Robert Langdon’s gripping and often perilous adventures. Once he was simply a Harvard University professor in iconology and symbology. But his expertise in decoding symbols dragged him into big cases, which turned into fascinating but life-threatening quests.

Howl’s Moving Castle Series by Diana Wynne Jones PDF Download

covers of complete howls moving castle series diana wynne jones pdf

This young-adult fantasy series has gained wide acknowledgement especially after the release of Ghibli Studio’s film adaptation of the first book, Howl’s Moving Castle. Although it still may not be as widely known as more mainstream series such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter or C.S. Lewis’ Narnina, the Howl’s Series by Diana Wynne Jones certainly holds its own special spot among fantasy book lovers as well as literature critics. That’s why the series earns a spot in this highlight of PDF download of January 2018.

Dean Koontz Books PDF Download

There were quite many Dean Koontz books posted in January. Among them are two horror/mystery series that has been considered some of Koontz’s best works. The first one is Odd Thomas Series, which is a brilliant mystery series. The seven-book series started with Odd Thomas in 2003 and ended Saint Odd in 2015. The story is built around a fascinating character of Odd Thomas. He is a man in his early twenties with psychic ability and ability to see the spirits of the dead. As expected, those abilities lead him into difficult situation that complicates much of the books.

cover of frankenstein series by dean koontz pdf

The second series is Koontz’s Frankenstein series, which as reflected by the title, is inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic science-fiction horror book. It features five thrilling novels published between 2005 (Prodigal Son) and 2011 (The Dead Town). The plot is built around an apocalyptic vision and works of a mad scientist Victor Frankenstein. His vision is to replace the humankind with something better so he created engineered killers and waged a war. Human survival relied on a pair of detectives and Victor’s own first monstrous creation, Deucalion.

Those two series, and a couple other Koontz’s mystery books, add a brilliant thrill in Mahacopia PDF Download of January 2018.

Highlights of Non-Fiction Books PDF Download of January 2018

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson PDF Download

cover of brown girl dreaming by jacqueline woodson pdf

First of all, this book is absolutely unique and brilliant. Brown Girl Dreaming is Jacqueline Woodson’s memoir that she wrote in beautiful poems. It is quite an unusual style to deliver someone’s autobiography, but somehow Woodson makes it work. Through those poems, she chronicles her childhood experience when she grew up in America during the 60’s, in which racial issues upset the country.

Brown Girl Dreaming has gained wide critical success. It won several awards including National Book Award, NAACP Image Award, and the Coretta Scott King Book Award. In 2015, the book was chosen as one of Newbery Medal Honor Books.

The Capital by Karl Marx PDF Download

covers of capital critique of political economy by karl marx pdf

Although this kind of book is not everyone, it is undeniable that The Capital is one of the most important works in history. And it is not only in economy, which is the main discussion of the book, but also in politics, philosophy, and even culture. Originally published in 1867, Capital: Critique of Political Economy remains relevant and highly discussed (or referred to) even to this day. And for that reason, this three-volume series deserves a spot in PDF Download of January 2018 highlight.

I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres PDF Download

cover of i'm with the band by pamela des-barres pdf

Music-related books will always have a special place in this blog, simply because I love music. A number of excellent biographies of rock ‘n’ roll legends (Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, and Tony Iommy) were posted in January. However, I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres is a bit more special. It is an ageless memoir of the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll, written from the perspective a groupie. In this book, Des Barres delivers an intimate story of her experiences during the heydays of rock music and how outrageous being a music fan can be.


All in all, Mahacopia PDF Download of January 2018 has turned out pretty good. More than 60 books in 15 days and some book requests fulfilled. Hopefully more books can be delivered in February and let’s hope there will be no take-down requests from copyright owners.

Finally, if you have any book requests, just let me know by this contact form. If I have the books, or can find working sources for those books, I will definitely post them here as soon as possible.

Now let’s read through February with more awesome PDF eBooks!

Mahacopia PDF Download of January 2018, Best Books Highlight
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Mahacopia PDF Download of January 2018, Best Books Highlight
Mahacopia PDF Download of January 2018. More than 60 PDF books were posted in January, nearly 50 fiction and 17 non-fiction books. Highlighted titles include Robert Langdon series, Howl's Moving Castle series, Brown Girl Dreaming, and Karl Marx's The Capital.
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