Journals by Kurt Cobain (PDF)

Nirvana success was a global music phenomenon that came to a sudden stop when the band singer/songwriter, Kurt Cobain, tragically took his own life in 1994. Same as with many geniuses in music history, there were many amazing, exceptional, and sometimes weird things about him. Most of those things were expressed in Kurt’s songs, with his band Nirvana. However, many others were kept secret in his more personal diaries, notes, (unsent) letters, and artworks. In the book Journals by Kurt Cobain, private documents of a great icons are revealed to public for the first time.

Despite his massive musical ingenuity, Kurt Cobain was a troubled soul. His unhappiness because of his parents divorce and disappointment at them brought many complicated emotions in him. Those dark emotions left scars but undoubtedly contributed in his musical and creative works. Beside music, Kurt was a proficient man with words and artworks. And as stated in most of his biographies, he was a pretty dedicated journal writer. Journals by Kurt Cobain opens up the fascinating, and often odd, writings and drawings of a man with a troubled soul but genuinely brilliant mind.

Cover and Details of Journals by Kurt Cobain (PDF)

cover of journals by kurt cobain pdf

  • Title: Journals
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Riverhead Books
  • Date Published: November 4, 2003
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 157322359X
  • ISBN-13: 9781573223591

Summary of the Book

Kurt Cobain filled dozens of notebooks with lyrics, drawings, and writings about his plans for Nirvana and his thoughts about fame, the state of music, and the people who bought and sold him and his music. His journals reveal an artist who loved music, who knew the history of rock, and who was determined to define his place in that history. Here is a mesmerizing, incomparable portrait of the most influential musician of his time.

Reviews of Journals

These journal entries by Nirvana front man Cobain record his thoughts from the late 1980s until his suicide in 1994…Cobain’s journals remind fans of how unlikely was his rise to fame: here was a kid from Aberdeen, dreaming of being in the next Meat Puppets, not the next Doors, who signed on with an independent label named SupPop, and ended up changing the course of commercial radio. Cobain’s early letters to fellow rockers in the grunge scene also remind readers of how small and close that community was, and of the fairly incendiary politics it had developed through the Reagan years. For a true punk believer like Cobain, the loss of that community was also the loss of himself. —Publishers Weekly

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Journals by Kurt Cobain (PDF), Private Documents of a Great Icon
Article Name
Journals by Kurt Cobain (PDF), Private Documents of a Great Icon
Journals by Kurt Cobain (PDF). The book opens up private documents of a great icon, delivering Kurt's more personal diaries, notes, (unsent) letters, and artworks. Those documents show some of his thoughts and emotion not shown in his songs with Nirvana.
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