How to Download

All the PDF eBooks are free to download. That’s why, they are hosted/uploaded on 3rd party sites that offer free file sharing services. Mahacopia uses multiple file-sharing sites such as zippshare.com, depositfiles.com, douploads.com, uploaded.net, and more. Here’s some general things to remember when download the eBook files from those sites:

  1. They have limited download speed (but mostly sufficient).

  2. You will have to wait (10 – 30 seconds) before the button or link to download appears or the download actually starts.

  3. Those sites display quite a lot of ads and many of them use on-click ads. So, when a pop-up window suddenly appears when you click anywhere on the web page, just ignore the new window and close it right away.

    Most sites will only show 1 pop-up per page, but sometimes they show more than one. In that case, you just need to repeat clicking on the download button until the download link is generated or the download actually starts.

Another important thing to remember is the PDF eBooks are compressed in .zip file formats. The purpose the .zip file format is to compress the download size a bit and protect the PDF files.

Finding the Correct Download Button

To find the right button to click can be tricky for those who have no experience with the file sharing sites. So here is a little guidance so you will not click the wrong one.

  • zippyshare.com
  • how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-zippyshare-com-01
    zippyshare.com sometimes uses multiple pop-up windows on a single download. So, just repeat clicking on the download button until your download actually starts.

  • douploads.net
    1. step-1-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-douploads-com
    2. When you tick the captcha code, you will have to do the verification by choosing the correct images or entering the code.

    3. step-2-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-douploads-com
  • uploaded.net
    1. step-1-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-uploaded-net
    2. step-2-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-uploaded-net
  • depositfiles.com
    1. step-1-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-depositfiles-com
    2. step-2-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-depositfiles-com
    3. step-3-how-to-download-mahacopia-pdf-ebook-at-depositfiles-com