Hayti by Kurtis Sunday (PDF)

Originally published in 2017, Hayti by Kurtis Sunday is an elaborate and well-researched historical fiction novel. The book presents fictional journal entries of Florentine nun, Sor Lucrezia di Marchionni, and Dominican monk, ray Hugo de Montenegro, on what happened in Haiti after the discovery of Columbus. It describes how the greed of Spanish colonialism, and the ideology of Catholic Church, has turned Haiti from a sunny paradise into a bleak nightmare.

Cover and Details of Hayti by Kurtis Sunday (PDF)

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  • Title: Hayti
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Cambria Books
  • Date Published: April 10, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0995760144
  • ISBN-13: 9780995760141

Summary of the Book

Sor Lucrezia di Marchionni, a Florentine nun, leads a mission to Hayti, Spain’s first American colony, two decades after its ‘discovery’ by Christopher Columbus. But she also has a secret assignment—to find out if the passage through to Asia depicted on a world map published by the German cartographer Martin WaldseemUller actually exists.

On the island, she meets up with Fray Hugo de Montenegro, a Dominican monk who has been there for several years and has been collecting accounts of Spanish atrocities. Their investigations bring them into contact with TaIno freedom fighters and their allies, escaped African slaves who had been imported to work on the new sugar plantations, as well as to the attention of the brutal colonial authorities.

The story unfolds against the background of the horrors of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, the destruction of its original peoples, the commencement of the Atlantic slave trade and the beginnings of globalisation with the foundation of the Spanish Empire.

Reviews of Hayti

Kurtis Sunday is steeped in his knowledge of it and, reading this novel, one can almost feel that one is part of that invasive culture. The author is keen to educate the reader by peppering the book with contemporary maps and illustrations…Hayti is an impressive achievement and deserves to be read by anyone with an interest in history or who is seeking to understand human nature. (by David Thorpe, goodreads.com)

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Hayti by Kurtis Sunday (PDF)
Article Name
Hayti by Kurtis Sunday (PDF)
Hayti by Kurtis Sunday (PDF). An elaborate and well-researched historical fiction novel. Through fictional journal entries of a Florentine nun and a Dominican monk, the book pictures how Spanish colonialism, and the Catholic Church influence, has turned Haiti from a sunny paradise into a bleak nightmare.
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