Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming by Lentin Joseph (PDF)

cover of mastering ros for robotics programming by lentin joseph pdf

Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming by Lentin Joseph is an advanced guide book of Robotics Operating System. The book is perfect for those with some basic in ROS and want to hone their robotics knowledge and ability. However, the book still offers a brief introduction to ROS with the basics knowledge in the first chapter to refresh the concepts and it can be really helpful for beginners.

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Making Simple Robots by Kathy Ceceri (PDF)

cover of making simple robots by kathy ceceri pdf

Making Simple Robots by Kathy Ceceri (subtitled “Explore Cutting-Edge Robotics with Everyday Stuff”) is an informative tutorial book for those who want to learn making robots. This book starts with the very basic techniques and knowledge to help new comers in robotics. What makes this book special is how it explores the possibility of making fully functional robots with everyday stuffs around us.

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Drones the Complete Manual (PDF) – Essential Handbook

cover of drones the complete manual pdf

Drones the Complete Manual is an essential handbook for drone enthusiasts published in 2016 by Imagine Publishing. The book provides necessary information for those who are interested in drone technology. There are a lot of tips for all level of drone enthusiasts. It starts with the very basic, which is choosing the best and getting to know drones. The book then digs the usage potentials of drones, from productive works (photography and filming) to racing. It also covers the legal matters, what regulations should be taken into account when flying drones.

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