Stoner by John Williams (PDF)

cover of stoner by john williams pdf

Stoner by John Williams is a novel first released in 1965 and often classified into academic novel or campus novel genre. The book is also widely considered as a modern-classic literary work. It follows the journey of William Stoner. Born in a poor farming family, William found his passion for literature while studying in college. That passion led him into a challenging and fascinating life path, a disrupted academic career and an unhappy marriage.

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Ramayana by Valmiki (PDF)

cover of ramayana by valmiki pdf

Along with Vyasa’s Mahabharata, Ramayana by Valmiki is one of the most massive epics in Sanskrit—even in the history of literature for that matter. It depicts the classic romance of Rama and Sita, and the colossal war between Rama’s army against Ravana kingdom. The epic also conveys religious teachings of Hinduism in the form of narrative allegory, ancient India philosophy, and ethical matters.

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The Mahabharata by Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa (PDF)

cover of mahabharata by krishna dwaipayana vyasa pdf

The Mahabharata by Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa is a classic Sanskrit epic and one of the most important literary works of ancient India, along with Ramayana. It tells the story of the great Bharata dynasty, the feud between Kaurava and the Paṇḍava, and the massive battle between the two sides in the Kurukṣetra War. It also conveys Hinduism religious and philosophical teachings as well as devotional materials.

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