The 39 Clues Superspecial: Outbreak (PDF)

Originally released in 2016, The 39 Clues Superspecial: Outbreak is an awesome fitting end to the long-running 39 Clues franchise. Written by C. Alexander London, the young-adult adventure book is the one and only volume in the Superspecial series. However, it is also widely referred as an additional 5th book in the prequel series, The 39 Clues: Doublecross.

The Cahill family is undoubtedly the most influential and powerful family in the world’s history. Young Dan Cahill is now the leader of the family, with her big sister Amy Cahill at his side. For years, they have faced numerous dangerous enemies and protect the world from catastrophic disasters. They have always survived and beaten their enemies. However, when a Cahill decides to betray the family and possesses a deadly virus, how will Amy and Dan cope when their enemy is their own family?

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  • Cover and Details of The 39 Clues Superspecial: Outbreak (PDF)

    cover of 39 clues superspecial outbreak pdf

    • Title: The 39 Clues Superspecial: Outbreak
    • Author:
    • Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
    • Date Published: November 29, 2016
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1338097121
    • ISBN-13: 9781338097122

    Summary of the Book

    Dan Cahill may be young, but he’s nobody’s fool. So he knows he must act fast when he learns that Sinead Starling, a former friend who betrayed the family, is up to her eyeballs in a plot to control a deadly virus. But is Sinead behind the plot, or is she a hero trying to stop the virus from getting out? The search for Sinead will take Dan and his friends from Cuba to the Bermuda Triangle, where the fate of the world may just depend on whether the Cahills can trust a traitor…

    Reviews of The 39 Clues Superspecial: Outbreak

    Outbreak was a fitting finale to a series that opened my eyes to a world of everyday history. Fusing it with engaging characters which over the course of the 4 series within 39 Clues you really connect with as a reader. You feel their anxiety, their pain, and/or loss. When struggles of good vs evil(which is a dicey question in this book in particular) come to an end, you as a reader feel a genuine sense of triumph because it is a battle that in many cases has been waged over many years across a plethora of books in the series. It’s fitting that the final sub-series investigates the moral center(or lack thereof) of the architect of Dan and Amy’s mucus journey, Grace Cahill. Were her interests always just? What was or still remains the cost of her actions? Should the next generation still aspire to her leadership and glory or was it all just a facade with a darker truth? This is that darker truth. (by Corey Jacob,

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