39 Clues, Book 1: The Maze of Bones (PDF)

cover of 39 clues book 1 maze of bones pdf

The Maze of Bones is an amazing young-adult, adventure novel by Rick Riordan. First published in 2008, it is the first novel in the original 39 Clues Series. The book introduces the main protagonists of the series: Amy and Dan Cahill. Being orphans, they are shocked in revealing the truth that they are the descendants of a very powerful and influential family, the Cahills. The bad news is that the family members are constantly competing and fighting each other for something called the Clues, which are the ingredients to create a powerful serum.

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Mahacopia PDF Download of January 2018, Best Books Highlight

mahacopia pdf download of january 2018

January had been a rally busy and hectic time for Mahacopia. Since it was the blog very first month—first half month actually, first post is dated January 15—there were simply too many things to tackle. There were the technical aspect related to the format of the blog and the delivery of contents as many (and as good) as possible. Even as early as within that first half month, a copyright-related issue already presented itself. Despite all that, more than 60 books already shared. Now let’s do a little highlight on PDF download of January 2018.

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